What successful person hasn’t had a mentor? The word mentor is traditionally defined as “most trusted and wise counselor.” Mentoring is different from counseling by virtue of the broad and fluid nature of it. Mentors are usually sought by the person looking for advice and guidance about a wide range of topics, both personal and professional.

Where and how advice is given is a mutual decision, but one thing is certain – mentors provide powerful tools and guidance to those seeking advice in order to steer them towards the path of success. There is no more powerful developmental activity than mentoring, and at RBZ, we don’t just believe in it, we believe in and live it.

Each new professional, whether a recent college graduate or experienced, is provided a mentor upon starting their career at RBZ, but later on, you may select whomever you feel is right for you. It’s about having choices that are best for you and your career development.