At RBZ, formal continuing professional development (CPE) is important and special to us. All new professional staff are in a unique two-year development program, RBZ Advantage™, which is intended to introduce recent college graduates to the nuances of our profession and develop the broad business skills our professionals will need to support their success.

Examples of the monthly curriculum include real-life case studies of transactions involving real estate and businesses, our niche practice areas, finance, marketing skills, and working on community service projects, to name a few. At RBZ, we approach training like your college curriculum. As an entry-level professional, we present you with a core selection of classes to introduce you to the basic skills you will need for auditing and tax return preparation.

These core skills help get you up and running and range from audit testing to tax research to workpaper preparation. It’s done in office by our professionals and outside college faculty, subject experts, and consultants. You will be with your peer group, so it’s fun and a rich learning experience. As you develop into a supervisor, your coursework offerings parallel your experience as a supervisor gaining functional and industry expertise.

Your training will focus on more technically challenging management skills, project planning and performance management. And as you start to concentrate on an area of specialization in one of our niche groups, you will focus more of your training on specific and emerging issues.

RBZ is committed to developing “soft” or managerial skills of each professional. During the first two years, the topics will include working with different personalities, ethical decision-making, time and project management, and interpersonal communication. Later on, the course offerings will advance to areas like public speaking, negotiating, personal branding, and facilitating meetings.

Sure, much of your training will be on-the-job, but you will want more and you will need more in today’s complex and dynamic business environment.