An Accounting Firm That’s as UNIQUE as you Are

RBZ, LLP is one of the largest Los Angeles-based public accounting firms serving businesses and individuals in the areas of tax, assurance, accounting, business consulting, and business management since 1975. Our reputation has been earned through providing first-class  accounting service and distinctive advice to our clients.


We do this through our exceptionally talented people who are creative problem-solvers and make client service their number one priority.

All of our service teams are comprised of professionals, who immerse themselves in their chosen industry niches, become leaders in the related trade groups and extend their expertise to our clients in these areas.


Our client service professionals understand the industry-specific issues that often determine business success. We are here to share our insights with you.




Serves as the personal CFO of high-net-worth individuals, entertainment industry professionals and their related entities.

Family Wealth

Our goal is to preserve the wealth our clients have spent a lifetime accumulating.


We know the nonprofit sector extremely well because we have been a vital part of it for many years.

Real Estate

Real Estate has always been and will continue to be a cornerstone of our practice.

Middle Market

We serve companies in a broad array of industries which include franchising, manufacturing, distribution, service, entertainment, technology and hospitality.

International Tax

We provide tax consulting and compliance services to US-based and/or foreign operations planning to expand internationally.

Law Firms

The Law Firm Services Group is comprised of experts who provide specialized consulting, tax, and accounting services to the legal profession.

Franchise Services Group

RBZ’s Franchise Services Group (FSG) is here to help you succeed. We can help ensure that your registration happens quickly and efficiently.

Royalty and Contract Compliance Services

RBZ’s Royalty and Contract Compliance Services group helps clients receive the royalties they are contractually entitled to and assists with the monitoring and controls process.



International Commerce Impacts Local Business Community

How Tax Exempt is a Tax Exempt Organization?

By: Thomas Schulte

While 501c organizations are generally exempt from income taxes this does not (usually) apply to other taxes, such as sales and use taxes. The California Board of Equalization (“BOE”) recently updated its Publication 18 for Nonprofit Organizations. The 45 page publication is fairly complex with relatively few exclusions, but here is a quick summary: Sales

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